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School Supplies Shopping Made Easy


About us and why we do it…

ABBADOO & DYLANTOO a locally owned educational school supply company WORKING WITH local area schools, to provide CUSTOMIZED SCHOOL SUPPLIES JUST FOR our area students.

As we prepare for the upcoming school year, we at AbbaDoo & DylanToo Inc. will be offering pre-packaged school supplies for all grades. These packages were created in collaboration with your school to offer you ‘teacher specific’, quality brand name products, in a convenient one-stop shopping experience for your child’s school supply list. Simply click ‘School Listings’, select your child’s school. You will be directed to the grade level listings. Here, simply select your child’s grade level and purchase supply package. That’s it! You are done! No more waiting in lines. No more fighting the crowds of people hand picking over supplies. NO MORE HEADACHES!!! Orders will begin May 1st and will continue throughout the school year.  To increase the level of stress-free-back-to-school shopping, bundle your child’s package with a book bag to create our signature Rucksack Package.